Deploying HyperScale X Reference Architecture with Basic Networking


HyperScale X Reference Architecture can be setup using 2 10GigE ports per node as follows:

  • 1 for Data Protection

  • 1 for internal Storage Pool traffic


Deploying the nodes with basic networking consists of the following steps:




Step 1: Setup the HyperScale X Reference Architecture Software

Download and setup the HyperScale X Reference Architecture software.

Setting Up the Installation Media

Step 2: Configure the network

Setup up a network by assigning static IP addresses to the interfaces in the nodes.

Configuring the Network

Step 3: Configure the block

A block consisting of 3 nodes must be setup to ensure that the correct nodes are identified and configured when the setup is run.

Configuring the Block

Step 4: Setup the Nodes with Basic Networking

Install and configure the nodes with Basic Networking.

Setting Up the Nodes with Basic Networking

What to Do Next

Launching the Command Center