Considerations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Replication


Before you configure replication for virtual machines, consider any restrictions or hypervisor-specific issues that might affect replication operations.

General Considerations

  • During a replication operation, you can modify destination network settings only for Windows VMs. Linux VMs are replicated without network connections.

  • If you select a specific VM for replication, the GUID of the source VM is used to identify the VM for replication. If the GUID of the source VM changes, the VM is not replicated. This situation can occur when a VM with the same name is added on the hypervisor for the source VM. To resolve the issue, remove the VM from the recovery group and then add it back.

  • For VMware destinations, replication is not supported with user-created checkpoints on the source Hyper-V VM.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Considerations

For Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, deploy a VSA proxy (access node) in the destination region and in each availability domain where an instance is replicated.