System Requirements for Amazon RDS for SQL Server


Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

Amazon RDS for SQL Server Environment

The Amazon RDS for SQL Server environment must include the following:

  • An Amazon RDS account.

  • An Amazon RDS SQL instance

  • An Amazon S3 bucket

    A Windows EC2 client with SQL Server agent installed that will be used as the access node. If the access node is connected to the Internet through an Internet proxy, then configure the proxy computer in the Internet options settings of the web browser.

    If you use the Access and Secret Key method for authentication, you can use an EC2 or an on-premises SQL client as the access node.

  • An account that is one of the following:


The Commvault software supports all versions and editions of Microsoft SQL Server that are supported by AWS. For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon RDS in the AWS documentation.