Logging On Using a Web Authenticator for Two-Factor Authentication


When two-factor authentication (which is a form of multi-factor authentication) is enabled, you can log on to the Command Center or the Web Console using a web authenticator such as Yubikey.

Before You Begin


  1. Open the interface that you want to log on to.

    For example, go to the Command Center site.

  2. In the User name box, enter your user name.

  3. In the Password box, enter your password.

  4. Click Login.

  5. Follow the instructions for the authenticator type that appears on the screen.

Example: Logging On to the Command Center Using a Yubikey Authenticator

If you are using a Yubikey authenticator for two-factor authenticator, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Command Center using the URL that your administrator provided.

  2. Enter your CommCell account credentials, and then click Login.

  3. If a prompt appears asking you to insert the Yubikey, connect the Yubikey to the USB port.

    If your Yubikey is not detected and a timeout occurs, disconnect the key from the USB port and connect it again.

  4. Touch the Yubikey.

    If your Yubikey has a button or a gold disc, tap it.