Request and Grant Permissions to Azure APIs for the Azure App for Teams


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Request and grant permissions to Azure APIs for the Azure app for Teams.


  1. In the navigation pane, click API permissions.

  2. Click Add a permission.

    The Request API permissions pane appears.

  3. Click the Microsoft Graph tile.

  4. Click Application permissions.

  5. Select the following permissions:

    • Channel:Channel.Create

    • Channel:Channel.ReadBasic.All

    • ChannelMessage:ChannelMessage.Read.All

    • ChannelSettings:ChannelSettings.ReadWrite.All

    • Files:Files.ReadWrite.All

    • Group:Group.ReadWrite.All

    • Sites:Sites.FullControl.All

    • Team:Team.ReadBasic.All

    • TeamMember:TeamMember.ReadWrite.All

    • User:User.Read.All

    • Application: Application.ReadWrite.All

  6. Click Delegated Permissions.

  7. Select the following permissions:

    • ChannelMessage:ChannelMessage.Read.All

    • ChannelMessage:ChannelMessage.Send

    • Directory:Directory.AccessAsUser.All

    • Group:Group.ReadWrite.All

    • offline_access permission

    • openid permission

  8. Click Add permissions.

  9. Click Add a permission.

    The Request API permissions pane appears.

  10. Click APIs my organization uses, and then complete the following steps:

    1. In the search bar, type Office 365 Exchange Online.

    2. Select Office 365 Exchange Online, and then click Application permissions.

    3. Select full_access_as_app.

    4. Click Add permissions.

  11. Click Grant admin consent for tenant_name.

  12. Click Yes.