Installing Antivirus or Third Party Monitoring Tools on HyperScale X Reference Architecture



Commvault supports the software stack consisting of the operating system and HyperScale software on the HyperScale X Reference Architecture nodes. Commvault is also responsible for upgrades pertaining to these components. However, it is beyond the scope of Commvault to manage other third-party software, including tools such as those used to protect against virus and hardware monitoring.

Consider the following before installing antivirus or any other third-party software on the HyperScale nodes:

  • You will be responsible for updating and maintaining the antivirus software and/or any other third-party monitoring tools installed on the nodes.

  • Third-party software may impact the performance of Hyperscale nodes.

  • Installing third-party monitoring tools with kernel extensions, or tools that require additional RPM dependencies, (other than the ones shipped as part of HyperScale image) could cause stability issues and could also prevent the operating system on the nodes to be updated. If any such problems are encountered those third-party tools will have to be uninstalled.

  • Possible data consistency issues arising from system crashes caused by third-party tools may result in resiliency requirements not being met due to the node being offline.

  • Third-party software configurations could be impacted by HyperScale software upgrades. Hence it is important to test all antivirus and third-party features and functions after a Commvault software upgrade.

Antivirus Exclusions

Install antivirus software on the HyperScale nodes with the required exclusions stated in Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for HyperScale X Reference Architecture.