Deleting Email Data from a Case in Case Manager


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After you create a case and run a collection job, you can search for the email data that was collected in a legal hold case and delete it.

After you delete email data from a case, the data does not appear in search results.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Data Insights.

    The Data Insights page appears.

  2. Click Case manager.

    The Case manager page appears.

  3. Click the case.

    The case page appears.

  4. On the Search tab, search for the email data to delete.

  5. Select the email data, and then click Delete.

    The Delete documents dialog box appears.

  6. For Selection Range, specify the email data to delete:

    • To delete only the emails that are selected, select Selected.

    • To delete all the emails that are returned by the search, select All.

    A message prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the selected data.

    Caution: After you delete the email data in a case, you cannot recover it. To view the data, you must create a new case for the same custodian and run a collection job.

  7. Click Yes.

  8. Select the checkbox for I understand that everything will be deleted, and then click Delete.