Universal Command Center


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In a multi-CommCell environment, the Command Center computers belonging to the primary CommCell can be defined as universal Command Centers. The universal Command Centers host the Command Center and Web Console applications for multiple service CommCells, which can have different versions of the Commvault software installed.


  • Service CommCells must have Commvault software Feature Release 22 and later versions installed.

For example, if you have three CommCell environments, you can enable the Universal Command Center feature on any one of the computers of a CommCell, called the primary CommCell. The Universal Command Center can be used to connect to the other two CommCell environments, called Service CommCells, which may have different versions of Commvault software installed. Additionally, the Command Center application may not be installed on any of the other Service CommCell computers.


  • Primary CommCell - The CommCell environment that includes the universal Command Centers where the Command Center and Web Console apps are hosted. One or more Service CommCells are associated with the primary CommCell.

  • Service CommCell: The other CommCell environments in the multi-CommCell environment that are registered as service CommCells on the primary CommCell.

  • Universal Command Center: A Command Center that belongs to the primary CommCell and that can be selected by the administrator to host the Command Center and Web Console applications for service CommCells.

  • Dynamic apps: The Command Center and Web Console applications for the service CommCells that are installed on the universal Command Center computer.