Adding OneDrive License-Enabled Users Using Microsoft Dynamics Azure AD Group


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For faster backups, from the Azure portal, create a dynamics Azure AD group and add OneDrive license-enabled users to it. You can then back up this user group by adding it to the OneDrive for Business app.


  1. Log on to the Azure Active Directory portal.

  2. Click All services.

  3. Under Identity, click Groups, and then click New group.

    The New Group page appears.

  4. From the Group type list, select Security.

  5. In the Group name box, enter a name for the group.

  6. From the Membership type list, select Dynamic User.

  7. Click Add dynamic query.

    The Dynamic membership rules page appears.

  8. From the Property list, select assignedPlans.

  9. From the Operator list, select Any.

  10. In the Value box, enter the following value:

    ((user.assignedPlans -any (assignedPlan.servicePlanId -In ["13696edf-5a08-49f6-8134-03083ed8ba30" ,"afcafa6a-d966-4462-918c-ec0b4e0fe642" ,"da792a53-cbc0-4184-a10d-e544dd34b3c1" ,"da792a53-cbc0-4184-a10d-e544dd34b3c1" ,"98709c2e-96b5-4244-95f5-a0ebe139fb8a" ,"e95bec33-7c88-4a70-8e19-b10bd9d0c014" ,"fe71d6c3-a2ea-4499-9778-da042bf08063" ,"5dbe027f-2339-4123-9542-606e4d348a72" ,"e03c7e47-402c-463c-ab25-949079bedb21" ,"63038b2c-28d0-45f6-bc36-33062963b498" ,"c7699d2e-19aa-44de-8edf-1736da088ca1" ,"5dbe027f-2339-4123-9542-606e4d348a72" ,"902b47e5-dcb2-4fdc-858b-c63a90a2bdb9" ,"8f9f0f3b-ca90-406c-a842-95579171f8ec" ,"153f85dd-d912-4762-af6c-d6e0fb4f6692" ,"735c1d98-dd3f-4818-b4ed-c8052e18e62d" ,"e03c7e47-402c-463c-ab25-949079bedb21" ,"e5bb877f-6ac9-4461-9e43-ca581543ab16" ,"a361d6e2-509e-4e25-a8ad-950060064ef4" ,"527f7cdd-0e86-4c47-b879-f5fd357a3ac6" ,"a1f3d0a8-84c0-4ae0-bae4-685917b8ab48"] -and assignedPlan.capabilityStatus -eq "Enabled"))
  11. On the Validate Rules (Preview) box, click Add users.

    The Add users dialog box appears.

  12. To check whether a user will be included in the group, do the following:

    1. Select the user, and then click Select.

    2. Wait for the status of the user to be updated.

      If the user will be added to the group, a green check mark appears.

  13. Click Save.

  14. Click Create.

    After approximately 30 minutes, the OneDrive users are added to the group.

  15. Add the user group to the OneDrive for Business app.

    For more information, see Add User Groups to the OneDrive for Business App.