Enabling Firewall on HyperScale X Appliance


Firewall can be enabled and the required ports automatically opened on the HyperScale nodes.

Before You Begin

HyperScale X Appliance security features, which includes Enabling Firewall and Restricting Root Access requires the following minimum version in the CommServe server and the HyperScale MediaAgent:

  • Commvault V11 Feature Release 28 , with Maintenance Release 11.28.19 or later


  1. Set the MediaAgents associated with the cluster on Maintenance mode.

    For more information, see Setting the MediaAgent on Maintenance Mode.

  2. Login to any one of the nodes in the storage pool.

    Note: Firewall can be ne enabled on all the nodes in the storage pool from any one of the nodes. (It is not necessary to repeat the following steps from each node.)

  3. Navigate the following folder:

    # cd /opt/commvault/MediaAgent/task_manager
  4. Run the following script:

    # ./cvmanager.py -t Configure_Firewall

    This will enable the necessary ports needed for the cluster, depending on your environment. For more information on the required ports, see Firewall Port Requirements forHyperScale X Appliance.

  5. Verify that the firewall is enabled using the following command:

    # firewall-cmd --state

    This should display the state as running.

  6. Verify that the MediaAgent services are running using the following command:

    # commvault list

    For more information on managing the MediaAgent services, see Commands to Control Services on UNIX Clients.

  7. Check readiness of the MediaAgents in the HyperScale nodes to make sure that it is ready.

    For more information, see Checking Readiness.

  8. Turn off the maintenance mode on MediaAgents associated with the cluster.

    For more information, see Setting the MediaAgent on Maintenance Mode.


Firewall will be enabled in all the nodes in the storage pool.

Securing HyperScale X Nodes