Setting Up the Hardware for HyperScale X Reference Architecture


Review the hardware requirements needed for the installation.

  1. Confirm that the purchased server hardware conforms to the HyperScale X validated Bill-of-Materials (BOM).

    For more information on the BOM needed for your server model, refer to the linked documents available in Design Specifications for HyperScale X Reference Architecture.

  2. Confirm that the initial hardware setup is complete.

    This includes console access, mirrored OS disks except on N4 Reference Architecture nodes, and setting HDDs in pass-through/JBOD mode.

    Make sure that the hardware is functioning properly, including the following:

  3. Determine if SAN/FC connectivity is required.


    • This requires the purchase of FC HBA for all except Cisco UCS servers.

    • Dell R740XD2 has limited PCIe slots and requires adjustments to the design to accommodate an FC HBA.

  4. For Cisco UCS Servers, verify the isco firmware version.

    Note: Cisco firmware revision 4.0(4) or higher is required with HyperScale X.

    If using Cisco UCS server nodes, determine if it is UCS Managed (includes fabric-interconnects) or unmanaged (without interconnects).

  5. Hardware vendors support both UEFI and Legacy boot modes. Only UEFI boot mode is supported for installing HyperScale X.