Protect and Recover from Cyber Attacks (Ransomware) Using Backups


You can configure a recovery group from a VM group. With the Warm sync option, VMs are not replicated until you test failover for verification or during actual failover in case of a disaster.

With recovery group orchestration, you can validate backups of virtual machines, including VMs that run applications.

Recovery groups can be used to test VM backups and make sure data can be recovered after a disaster or during cyber recovery. You can verify and test specific backup points for VMs.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the VM groups tab, in the row for the VM group, click the Actions menu and select Configure replication.

    The Configure replication group page appears.

  3. On the Content tab, enter the required information for the source hypervisor, and then click Next.

  4. On the Target tab, enter the required information for the destination hypervisor, and then click Next.

  5. Select the Warm sync option.

    With this option selected, VMs are not replicated. Since only configuration information is saved, recovery testing can be performed using the Test failover option.

  6. Configure the override settings for some VMs or use the same settings for all VMs:

    • To override settings for specific VMs, on the Override options tab, click Yes.

      • To change the destination settings for specific VMs, select them from the Virtual machine list. Then, under General Settings, configure the options that you want to change and click Next.

    • To use the same settings for all VMs, click No.

  7. On the Summary tab, review the settings that you configured, and then click Finish.

What to do next

After the recovery group is created, test failover can be performed to validate applications on the VMs.

If applications need to be validated in a certain order and additional scripts need to run, refer to the Failover Groups documentation. You can create a failover group, which allows you to configure priorities for each VM and pre and post-scripts.

Test failover can be performed from the failover group level. That orchestrates the recovery of the VM group, and applications can be tested with pre-defined scripts.