Customization of IP Addresses for Replication Destination VMs


You can customize IP addresses for replication/DR destination VMs.

You can specify custom destination IP addresses for both group level and pair level DR operations. You can specify either a static IP address or a DHCP IP address for the destination.

If you perform a failback after a failover, the IP address is reverted to the original IP address of the source VM.

You can customize IP addresses when doing the following:

When Performing an Operation

  1. In the dialog box for the planned failover, unplanned failover, test failover, or clone DR VM operation, select the source VM.

    An Override replication options link appears.

  2. Click the Override replication options link.

    The Override replication options dialog box appears.

  3. Under IP address settings, click the Add link or the edit button .

    The Edit IP address settings dialog box appears.

  4. Under Source VM settings, enter the IP address and other details.

  5. Under Destination VM settings, do one of the following:

    • To use DHCP, move the Use DHCP toggle key to the right.

    • To use a static IP address, enter the IP address and other details.