IBM i File System Agent 1-Touch Disaster Recovery Overview


You can use the Commvault 1-Touch Disaster Recovery solution to quickly recover a failed computer. You can recover systems that have defective components, for example failed disks, by automating the operating system rebuilding process.

The Commvault predefined workflows automate several step in the process.

The Disaster Recovery process secures the information from the client backup, and then uses the information to recreate the client environment.

Key Features

Recovery of the Reinstall DVD

Create a set of DVD images so that you can use to install the computer with a minimal Operating System.

After you have the DVD images, you can create one of the following images for your environment:

  • A physical DVD from the DVD images

  • A DVD when you are in a VIOS environment by using the DVD images as a source

  • An image catalog on your iHost

Recovery of User Data

You can recover the latest user data when the recovered operating system is running.

Cross-Hardware Restore

You can perform cross-hardware restores with the following limitations:

  • You can restore across machines or LPARs that have the same CPU architecture.

  • The target system ASP must be the same size or larger than the source disk.

  • The target system must have the same IASP set and they must be the same size or larger than the source disk.



A computer that runs the IBM i Operating System and is configured as an access node on the CommCell Console


A physical or virtual machine that is separate from the IBM i file system agent client. The proxy communicates with the IBM i file system agent client to facilitate the data movement from the client to the backup media.

Image Recovery Client

A physical or virtual machine that has the file system agent installed.

Reinstall DVD

A set of DVD images that you use to boot and install the minimal IBM i Operating System for 1-Touch Disaster Recovery.