IBM i File System Agent 1-Touch Disaster Recovery Procedures


Use the following procedures to recover from a disaster.

You can recover to the same system or duplicate the system.

Note: If you duplicate the system, you must make sure that the TCP/IP configuration is updated to avoid network issues on the source system.

Process Overview

The 1-Touch DR process uses the following entities:

  • A subclient that has additional configurations for the disaster recovery process, for example, where to store the DVD images and the delay before the system switches to restricted mode.

  • A  predefined operation that copies the DVD images, and then restores the data.

The 1-Touch DR process includes the following steps:

  1. Create a disaster recovery subclient.

  2. Perform a backup on the disaster recovery subclient.

    The disaster recovery operation uses the backup.

  3. Perform the disaster recovery operation.

    The operation creates 2 jobs, a job that copies the DVD images and a job that restores the data.

    The first job copies the DVD images to the proxy server.

    The second job restores the data.

    When the operation starts, the software starts the DVD copy job (the status shows running) and places the restore job in a suspended state.

    When DVD copy job completes, the software sends you email that indicates the job is complete. Use the DVD images to restore the minimum OS by following the IBM manual, and then restore the Commvault libraries.

    After you restore the operating system and network, go to the CommCell Console and resume the suspended job.

    Note: If the suspended job failed, or you need to cancel the suspended job, then you can perform a full data restore operation.


  1. Perform a full backup of all predefined subclients in the IBM i backup set.

  2. Configure a Disaster Recovery subclient.

  3. Perform a disaster recovery backup. You can perform the backup on the Disaster Recovery subclient, or you can run an operation that performs a backup on all the subclients in the backup set. For more information, see one of the following procedures:

  4. Perform an IBM i DR recovery operation. For more information, see Performing an IBM i Disaster Recovery Operation.

    The recovery operation copies the DVD images to the proxy, and after you restore the minimal OS, the operation restores the data.


After the entire process completes, the software has restored the following data:

  • Security and configuration

  • QSYS data

  • User and IFS data

  • DLO data