1-Touch for IBM i File System Agent: System Requirements


Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for the IBM i File System Agent 1-Touch Disaster Recovery.

Operating System

Important: Use the most recent version of the operating system that is listed. The Commvault software fully supports the most recent version of an operating system, until the vendor ends support. More recent versions of the Commvault software might not install on operating systems that are not supported by the vendor anymore. For information about the support lifecycle of an operating system, contact the vendor.

Operating system

Processor architecture

IBM i 7.4


IBM i 7.3


IBM i 7.2


IBM i 7.1


IBM i 6.1


Hard Drive


The source client must have enough space to store the Reinstall DVD Image Catalog data, which is a minimum of 5-10 DVD images. The disk space depends on the client size.


The destination client must meet the following requirements:

  • The target system ASP must be the same size or larger than the source disk.

  • The target system must have the same IASP set and they must be the same size or larger than the source disk.


There are no additional space requirements for the proxy.

Image Recover Client

The client computer that you use to recover the Reinstall DVD images must have enough space to store the images. The disk space depends on the client size and can be 21 GB or more.

VIOS or iHost

The VIOS or iHost must have enough space to store the all of the DVD images.


  • TCP/IP services must be configured on the IBM i computer.

  • No firewall settings must be present between the IBM i computer and the proxy client computer.

  • IPv6 is not supported.

User/SYSTEM Startup Script

Use the following guidelines for the startup script that is specified in SYSTEM VALUE "QSTRUPPGM:

  • The name is QGPL/<Program name>.

  • The initial DR restore restores only *IBM QSYS2+QUSRSYS+QGPL. Any user startup scripts or programs that are executed from a script fail.

  • The start-up program that you specify for the system value QSTRUPPGM must exist in the system libraries (*IBM) or the system libraries with user data (QSYS2 or QUSRSYS or QGPL). If it does not, then the destination IBM i host does not properly start during the disaster recovery.


Certain third-party software and service releases (together, "Releases") may not be supported by Commvault. You are solely responsible for ensuring Commvault’s products and services are compatible with any such Releases.