Full System Recovery: Oracle RAC


A full system recovery of individual Oracle physical nodes in an RAC setup involves the following phases:

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

Before you begin a disaster recovery, make sure to perform the following:

  • Perform frequent Oracle RAC backups that include the control file and the latest file system.

  • Make sure that the recovery catalog is available on a separate computer.

  • Make sure to select Resync Catalog in Subclient Properties (Backup Arguments) tab of the default subclient. This is required for successfully performing a full system restore in the event of a destroyed or damaged client.

    Note: The software automatically selects this if you run Oracle 10G or later.

  • Use the file system agent to back up the following Oracle information

    • The ORACLE HOME directory

    • The cluster configuration

    • The voting disk (OCR)

Recovering the Oracle RAC Databases

To recover the Oracle RAC database in the event of a disaster, perform the following tasks:

  1. Rebuild the Operating System.

  2. Restore the Oracle RAC Database to the same or different client computer.

Disaster Recovery