Full System Recovery: SAP Archive Link


Full system recovery of a SAP Archive Link client includes the following phases:

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

To prepare for full system recovery, you must run regular backups of the ContentStore directory and the PostgreSQL database on the production client computer.

For instructions, see Preparing for a Full System Recovery.

To recover the SAP Archive Link data in the event of a disaster, you will build a Disaster Recovery (DR) computer/VM with the same hostname and the same IP address as the production computer. When the production computer fails, turn on the DR computer, install the PostgreSQL and SAP Archive Link agents, and restore the Postgres database and the ContentStore directory. This method ensures that both the content and the identity of the failed production Archive Link computer is transferred to the DR computer.

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Build a DR computer

  2. Restore the SAP Archive Link data

  3. Verify Access from the SAP site