Full System Recovery: Linux File System Agent


Full system recovery of a Linux file system client includes the following phases:

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

Perform regular backups of the file system data. These backups can be scheduled to run at convenient intervals.

Recovering the Linux File System Data

To recover the file system data in the event of a disaster, perform the following tasks:

  1. Rebuilding the Operating System. For instructions, see Rebuilding the Linux Operating System.

  2. Recover the file system data to the same or different client computer. For instructions, see Recovering Linux File System Data.

1-Touch Recovery

Use the 1-Touch recovery process to recover and rebuild the operating system andĀ file system data on a single client or multiple clients with the same or different hardware configurations. You can recover systems with defective components, such as inaccessible volumes or crashed disks, without installing the individual software packages or operating systems manually.

For more information, see Overview -1-Touch for Linux.