Creating, Editing, and Deleting Contacts on Profile Dashboard


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Add the names and contact information for people who work at the customer's company and Commvault Systems, Inc. employees who are able to support the customer's account. After you create a contact, you can assign that contact tasks related to the customer's account.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Services Website, and then click CommCell Dashboard.

    If there are multiple CommServe computers in your environment, the Worldwide Dashboard appears.

    If there is one CommServe computer in your environment, the CommCell Dashboard appears.

  2. From the navigation pane, click CommCell groups, and then under Name, click a CommCell group.

    The CommCell group dashboard appears.

  3. Click Profile.

    The Profile Dashboard appears.

  4. Beside Customer Information, click Customer Contacts .

    The Contacts dialog box appears.

  5. Beside Contact Type, select Commvault or Customer.

  6. Choose whether to add, modify, or delete a contact:

    • To add a new contact, under Add Contact, enter the person's contact details.

    • To edit an existing contact, under Existing Contacts, next to a contact name, click Edit , and then change any of the information in the boxes.

    • To delete a contact, under Existing Contacts, next to a contact name, click Delete .

      The contact is removed from the list of Existing Contacts.

  7. Optional: Under Contract Dates, select the start date and end date for both the TAM and the Engineer.

  8. Click Add.

  9. Click Submit.