Data Views for the CommCell Alerts Report


The CommCell Alerts Report provides detailed information about alerts that occurred in the CommCell environment over the last seven days.

Last 7 Days Summary

This chart displays the number and percentage of alerts in each type of severity category, including Information, Warning, and Critical.

Alerts Received In Last 7 Days

This table lists each alert from the CommCell environment in the last seven days. Information includes severity level, client name and job ID, alert type, and the time the alert was detected.



CommCell Name

Name of the CommCell environment where the alert was detected.

CommCell ID

Unique identifier for the CommServe computer.


Severity level of the alert: Information, Warning or Critical.


Name of the client where the alert was detected.

Job ID

Job ID associated with the alert, if applicable.

Alert Name

Name of the alert.

Alert Type

Type of alert, such as Data Protection.

Alert Criteria

Criteria that caused the alert to be sent. For example: a failed backup job.

Detected Time

Date and time the alert was detected.