Browse/Search/Recovery Data Views for the Configuration Audit (Deprecated): CommCell Parameter Report


This table provides a list of the specific Browse, Search, and Recovery settings that differ from the Browse, Search, and Recovery settings in the template CommCell computer. The list contains each option that differs from the template CommCell computer and the values that are configured for those options. To view this table, click on the value in the Browse/Search/Recovery column in the Number of CommCell Parameters Failing Audit table.




The name of the CommCell. This column appears only for All CommCells.


The name of the dialog box in the CommCell Console Control Panel where the settings are configured.


The name of the tab where the setting is configured. This column is not valid for this report because there are no tabs in the Browse/Search/Recovery dialog box.


The option that is configured, such as Show aged data during browse and recovery.


The value indicates whether the option is enabled (1) or disabled (0).

Template Value

The value that is configured for the template CommCell computer.