Viewing the Executive Summary Presentation


You can schedule the Executive Summary Presentation to generate on your local Web Console hosted by the Private Metrics Reporting Server. The report is available at the Worldwide level.

Before You Begin

  • To create the Executive Summary Presentation, you must configure CommCell Groups. For more information, see CommCell Groups in Reports.

  • To view Metrics Reports, your CommCell user account requires: a role with the Report Management permission and an association with a CommCell Group or CommCell pseudoclient.

    For more information about users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.

  • Verify that data collection is enabled for Private Metrics Reporting on each CommServe computer. For information about enabling data collection for the report, see Activating Private Metrics Reports.


  1. Log on to Web Console.

  2. Click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  3. Click Activity.

    The Activity Report appears.

  4. To generate the Executive Summary Report now, at the top of the page, click Actions > Executive Summary.

    1. In the Head Name box, type the name of the person who heads the department.

    2. In the Designation box, type the title of the person who heads the department.

    3. Click OK, and then open or save the PowerPoint file.

  5. To schedule the Executive Summary Report to generate at a specific time, at the top of Activity Report, click File > Schedule.

    1. In the Name box, type a name for the scheduled report.

    2. Next to Format, select Executive Summary.

    3. In the Email Recipients box, enter one or more e-mail addresses for the users who will receive the report.

    4. To save reports to a location on your network, select Save to network path.

    5. In the Network Path box, type the location where you want to save reports.

    6. In the Username and Password boxes, type a user name, and associated password, that can access the network path location that you specified.

    7. Next to How frequently, select Monthly.

    8. In the At what time box, select or enter the time that you want the report to generate, and then configure the day of the month.

    9. Click Save, and then click Close.

      The report is emailed to the specified addresses in PowerPoint format.