Viewing the Growth and Trends Report on the Web Console


You can view the Growth Trends Report on the Web Console hosted by the Private Metrics Reporting Server.

This report is available at both the Worldwide and CommCell level on the Web Console.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that data collection is enabled for Private Metrics Reporting on each CommServe computer. For information about enabling data collection for the report, see Activating Private Metrics Reports.


  1. Log on to the Web Console.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. From the navigation pane, go to the Worldwide or CommCell Reports page:

    • To view this report at the Worldwide level, remain on the Reports page.

    • To view this report at the CommCell level, click CommCells, click a CommCell Name, and then from the navigation pane, click Reports.

  4. Click Growth and Trends.

    The Growth Trends Report appears.