Health Report: Index Cache Location


Note: Beginning in Feature Release 11.23, the Index Cache Space Utilization Report was discontinued, and its information was merged into the Index Cache Location Report.

This report provides information related to the index cache.

To view this report:

Default Columns




Name of the MediaAgent.

Index Cache Path

File path on the disk where the index cache is located.


The type of the index cache, as follows:

  • Database: Contains only index data.

  • Logs: Contains action logs and other index related payload data.

  • Database and Logs: Contains index data, action logs, and payload data.

Index Cache Size

Total size of index cache directory.

Free Disk Space

Free disk space available on the index cache disk.


Total capacity of the index cache disk.

Disk Usage

Disk usage (in %) of the index cache disk.


Status of the index cache.


Condition linked to the Status, with a link to Troubleshooting articles.

Additional Available Columns



CommCell Name

Name of the CommCell.

Date to be Full

Date that index cache disk is expected to be full.

Error Indices

Number of indexes being hosted by the cache that are in error.

Index Reports Size

Size of the index reports folder.


Total number of hosted indexes.

Latest Cycle Size

Size of index for latest cycle data in cache.

Legacy Index (V1) Size

Size of the Indexing Version 1 index components in cache.

Older Cycles Size

Size of index for older cycles data in cache.

Other Data Size

Total size of data in index cache that does not belong to index.

Outdated Indices

Number of hosted indexes that are not up to date.

Transaction Logs Size

Total disk consumed by action logs in cache.


CommCell's software version.