Health Report: Index State


Note: Beginning in Feature Release 11.23, the Index Backup Report was discontinued, and its information was merged into the Index State Report.

This report provides information related to the indexes in a CommCell.

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the Index State tile, click View Details .

Default Columns




The client computer that uses the index.


The index's application name.

Backup Set

The index's backup set name.


The index's subclient, if index is in subclient level mode (if not, it is blank).

Index Server

Name of the MediaAgent that hosts the index.

Index Size

Total size of the index.


Index cache status.


Condition linked to the Status, with a link to Troubleshooting articles.

Additional Columns




Name of the CommCell.

Database Name

The index's database GUID name.

Error Details

Error description, if index is in error for more than three consecutive days.

Error Level

Latest error level of the index.

Index Migration Reason

Description of the reason why the index was migrated from another MediaAgent.

Index Type

Type of index, as follows:

  • Classic

  • Dynamic

Indexed Items

Number of indexed items in the database.

Last Compaction Time

Last time the index was compacted.

Last Error Time

Last time an index error occurred.

Last Index Backup Time

Last time the index was backed up.

Last Index Server

Last MediaAgent that hosted the index.

Last Played Job TIme

Last time the index played a backup job.

Last Update Index Time

Last time the index was updated.

Logs Size

Size of action logs in cache related to index.

Maintenance Size

Total size of maintenance data related to the index.

Reports Size

Total size of reports related to the index.

Software Versions

CommCell's software version.