Health Report: Search Engines


This report provides information such as the number of documents that were indexed, disk space on the search engine, and the status of each search engine.

To correct problems with the segment count or the term index file size, optimize the search index. If you need to correct any other problems that are exposed by the Search Engines Report, contact your Account Representative.

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the Search Engines tile, click View Details .



    Cloud Name

    Name of the Search Engine. If you have a Search Cloud, then this is the name of the Search Cloud that the search engine is attached to. If you have a single node, then this is the node name.

    Node Name

    The name of the client where the search engine is installed.

    Segment Count

    Number of data segments that were indexed.

    Term Index File Size

    Size of indexed files.

    Document Count

    Number of items that were indexed.

    Free Disk Space

    Amount of disk space remaining in the search engine node.


    Status of the search engine. You can click on any value in the status column to view the parameters for Good, Warning, and Critical.