Alert Types


The following alert notification types are available with Private Metrics Reporting. Reports on our Cloud Services website support only email notifications. If you use this report on our Cloud Services website, you cannot set alerts to display in the CommCell Console, display in Windows Event Viewer, or send emails using SNMP traps.




Sends the alert notification in an email to the address that you specify. Email addresses can be separated by a semicolon (;), comma (,), or space. A link to manage the alert or unsubscribe from the alert appears in each email alert notification.

Console Alerts

Displays the alert notification as a pop-up message in the CommCell Console. A link to manage the alert appears in each console alert notification.

Windows Event Viewer

Displays the alert in the Windows Event Viewer application. The alert appears as Information from ContentStore.


Sends alert notifications through SNMP Traps. Alert notifications are sent to the client computers that are configured to receive SNMP traps. There is a size restriction for SNMP Trap messages. Therefore, some SNMP Trap notifications might appear shortened.


Displays the alert on Microsoft Windows Servers and UNIX-based hosts using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).