Data Views for the Health Card Report


The Health Card table indicates the overall status for each major section in the Health Report for each CommCell. Just as in the CommCell level Health Report, green indicates Good, yellow indicates Warning, and red indicates Critical status. You can click a CommCell Name to go directly to the Health Report for that CommCell.



CommCell Name

Name of the CommCell


Average status of the CommCell parameters including CommCell Version and 30-Day SLA.


Average status of the Client parameters including Strike Count and Largest 25 Clients.


Average status of the Job parameters including Long Running Backup Jobs for Last 1 Day and Top 10 Errors in Last 1 Day.

Capacity Planning

Average status of the Capacity Planning parameters including the number of mount paths and disk library size.


Average status of the Deduplication parameters including the DDB Performance, Low Disk Space, and Fallen Behind Dash Copies.

Indexing and Search

Average status of the Indexing and Search parameters including free space in the index cache and the number and status of search engines.

Scale Statistics

Average status of the Scale Statistics parameters including the number of completed jobs in the last hour and last day and the Database Index Fragmentation percentage.

As Of

Date and time when data was last collected.