Data Views for the Backup Details in Last 7 Days Report


The Last 7 Days Backup Job Statistics Report displays information about the success of backup jobs over the last seven days including the size of the job and the type of backup job.

Job Status by Agent

This chart displays the number of jobs in each status, such as Success or Failed, for each agent type over the last seven days.


This table includes a list of all backup jobs and their statuses, including application size and backup level.



Data Source

Name of the CommServe computer where the job ran.

Job ID

Identifier assigned to the backup job.


Name of the client where the job ran.


Type of agent.


Name of the instance where the job ran.

Backup Set

Name of the backup set where the job ran.


Name of the subclient that was backed up.

Job Status

Status of the backup job, such as Success or Failed.

Application Size (GB)

Size of the data that was backed up in gigabytes.

Backup Level

Type of backup job, such as Full or Incremental.


dDate when the job ran.