Data Views for the Archive Quota Usage


This table displays the amount of quota consumed for each user account compared to the amount of quota consumed globally.



User Name

The user account name associated with a mailbox.

CommServe Name

The CommServe computer that controls the CommCell group that backups up the user account.

Quota Enabled

Yes or No: indicates whether the administrator has imposed a limit amount, in megabytes, for backup storage the mailbox might consume.

Quota Limit (MB)

The quota limit imposed on the mailbox.

Quota Consumed

The amount of backup storage the mailbox consumed at the time of the last backup.

Quota Used (%)

The percentage of the quota currently consumed, based on the Quota Limit and Quota Consumed displayed in this report.

Global Quota Consumed (MB)

The total backup storage consumed by the mailbox associated with this User Name, which is backed up across all the CommServe Names displayed in this report.

Last Backup Time

The timestamp on the most recent backup, that is, the backup completion time.