Disabling Report Data Collection in the CommCell Console


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You can disable report data collection for the Cloud Metrics Reporting Server at any time.

If you disable the CommCell Diagnostics and Usage option, then the report data will no longer be collected and logged in the CommServe computer. The CommServe computer is marked as disabled on the CommCell Details page in the Reports application on the Cloud Services Website. To completely remove the CommServe computer from the Reports application, you must delete the CommServe computer.

Data will continue to appear on the CommCell Dashboard and in the CommCell-related reports for 90 days, until the previously collected data is aged.


  1. Log on to the CommCell Console where data is collected.

  2. On the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Control Panel button.

  3. Click Cloud Metrics Reporting.

    The Cloud Metrics Reporting dialog box appears.

  4. To disable data collection, on the General tab, clear CommCell Diagnostics and Usage.

  5. To disable data collection for a particular report, clear any of the report types:

    • Health Check

    • Activity

  6. To disable client group settings, on the Configuration tab, from the Client Group for Diagnostics list, clear the client group.

  7. To disable data collection for additional reports, on the Advanced tab, clear any of the report types:

    • Post Upgrade Check

    • Audit

    • Chargeback

  8. Click OK.


Data collection no longer runs and data is no longer uploaded to the Cloud Metrics Reporting Server.

If there is a failure in the upload process, then uploads will attempt to run for the next 24 hours. However, after 24 hours, the data collection and upload attempts will stop.

To delete the CommCell computer from the Cloud Services Website Reports, see Deleting CommCell Computer.