Downloading the Installation Package for Tenant Computers


You can download the installation package from the Web Console. The installation package includes the software that you need to protect your computers.

Before You Begin

To access the Web Console, you must have a tenant account. For more information, see Creating a Tenant Account to Sign Up for Backup Services.


  1. Log on to the Web Console using your tenant account.

  2. On the Web Console home page, click My Data.

  3. On the My Data page, click Add New Computer.

  4. On the Add New Computer page under Download and Install Package, click on of the here links. The first here link will list the package based on the user's operating system. The second here link will list the package for all platforms.

    Note: The package is an executable file (.exe) for Windows, and a tar file for UNIX.

  5. Download and save the installation package on a location that is accessible by the computers that you want to protect.

What To Do Next

Installing the Installation Package on Tenant Computers