Updating Properties of a Point-In-time View





  • -n <Object Store Name> -p <Mount Path> < -c Allowed Clients | -C Copy Precedence | -m MediaAgent Client Name | -a Access Permission (RW/RO) > [-h]


The update_snap option updates the point-in-time view properties.

Use this option in the following cases:

  • Additional clients need access to the Hybrid File Store point-in-time view.

  • Change the point-in-time name.

  • Change the copy precedence number

  • Give read/write or read only permissions

The table lists the options that the software supports.




The Hybrid File Store name.


A comma separated list of IP Addresses or host names that can access the Hybrid File Store.

Specify the clients that can access the point-in-time Hybrid File Store over NFS protocol.

The clients do not need to be configured in CommCell Console.

To make this Hybrid File Store accessible to any client, use for IPv4 and :: for IPv6 as the client IP address.


The mount point path.

This is the point-in-time Hybrid File Store share that you want to update.


  • The following command updates a point-in-time Hybrid File Store. In this example, the parameters are listed on the command line.

    ./ConfigureObjectStore -o update_snap -n userTest –p /userTest-1496271338 -c,