Configuring the ObjectStore for Migration


To allow data migration from a third-party software to Commvault ObjectStore, you must configure an ObjectStore for Migration . Complete the following steps:

  1. Install the following components:

  2. If there is a firewall between the Web Server and the clients, configure the firewall so there is connectivity between the Web Server and the clients. See Configuring Network Routes.

  3. Configure the Index Server entity in the CommCell Console.

    The Index Server indexes data. Configure at least one Edge Drive Index Server in your CommCell environment.

  4. Verify that you have the File System Agent installed on a client computer that can be used as the proxy or staging client for the ObjectStore client in the CommCell Console.

    The proxy client runs the backup operations for the migration. You can use a Windows or a Linux client as the proxy client for the migration.

  5. Create an ObjectStore client for migration.

  6. Configure an incremental data protection schedule policy, with the schedule name as migration. The schedule policy defines the frequency of the backups for the data in the staging folder that you configure on the ObjectStore client.