Viewing Failover Group Information


You can view failovers run from a failover group in the Live Sync Monitor.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, click Dev-Test & DR > Failover Groups.

    The Failover Groups tab appears.

  2. Under Group Name, right-click a group, click View, and then select the method for viewing failover group information:

    • To view scheduled failover jobs for this group, select Schedule.

      The Schedules tab appears.

    • To view the Failover Job Statistics Report, click Report.

      The Failover Job Statistics Report appears on Web Console using your default web browser.

    • To view failovers run from the failover group in the Live Sync Monitor tab, select Live Sync Monitor.

      The Live Sync Monitor tab appears.

  3. To make changes for a failover group, under Group Name, right-click a group, point to All Tasks, and select one of the following options:

    • To modify a failover group, click Edit.

    • To perform a failover or failback operation, choose one of the options under Failover.

    • To create a schedule, select Schedule.

    • To remove a failover group, select Delete.