Browsing Data in Well-Known Folders on a Laptop Client


You can browse the contents of well-known folders, like document and picture libraries from a laptop client computer on the Web Console.

  • Desktop

  • Documents

  • Music

  • Pictures

    On Mac laptops, you can view and browse the items in the Photos app along with the Pictures folder in the Web Console.

  • Videos

  • Home

Before You Begin

Review the following requirements:


  1. From the Web Console, go to My Data.

  2. On the Computers tab, click Restore for the computer that contains the data you want to browse.

    Alternatively, you can click Settings for the computer containing the data that you want to browse, and then under the Restore section, click Select Files .

  3. Click Libraries , and then click the well-known folder that you want to browse.

    You can view the backed up contents for the selected folder on the page.

  4. Optional: To view the contents of a file in preview mode, click the file.

  5. Optional: To view information about a file, such as the name of the file or the date that the file was most recently modified, click the Show information pane button .