Restoring Previous Versions of a File from the Web Console


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Between backups, the data may undergo modifications. You can recover old versions of the backed up data on your client computer or Edge Drive from the Web Console.


  1. From the Web Console, go to My Data.

  2. Click the Computers tab.

  3. Click Restore for the computer that contains the data you want to restore.

    Alternatively, you can click Settings for the computer containing the data that you want to restore, and then under the Restore section, click Select Files .

  4. From the Restore Files page, navigate to the folder containing the files to be restored.

  5. Right-click the file and then select Versions.

    All versions of the file are displayed. For example, if the file has two version, it is listed as file (1) and file (2).

  6. Select the check boxes next to the versions that you want to restore, and then click the Restore button.

  7. Select the type of restore that you want to perform, and then click Restore Now.