Viewing Restore Jobs from the Web Console


Viewing the Details of Recent Restore Jobs

Use the following steps to view the job details of recent restore operations that ran on a computer:

  1. From the Web Console, go to My Data.

  2. Click the Computers tab.

  3. Click Settings for the computer that contains the data you want to view, and then under the Restore section, click Recent Restore Jobs.

    A list with all the recent restore jobs that ran on the computer are shown in a table.

Controlling Restore Jobs

Jobs can be controlled in a number of ways. You can pause, resume and kill a restore job.

When running a restore from the Web Console, use the following steps to perform a control operation on the running job:

  1. After starting the restore operation, click the job ID from the top of the page. This will take you to the computer summary page.

  2. From the Current Restore Status box, select the operation that you want to perform:

    • Pause

      This option temporarily stops the job. The job enters a suspended state, where it can be resumed at a later time.

    • Resume

      If you paused the job, this option returns it to the running state.

    • Kill

      This option terminates the job.

  3. Once the operation is performed, the job changes to the selected state.