Adding Inputs to Reports


You can add inputs to a report to add interactivity for the report end user. Report inputs are user interface elements such as drop-down lists, check boxes, or radio buttons that allow users to select values that filter report data.

You cannot use Data Cube data sets to create inputs.

Before You Begin

For creating a dynamic report input, add a data set.


  1. On the Web Console, click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. From the navigation pane, click Configuration > Reports, and next to the Report Name under Actions, click Edit.

    The Report Builder page appears.

  3. On the Inputs tab, click Add .

    For details about the options in this dialog box, see Edit Report Input Dialog Box.

  4. In the Add Report Input dialog box, configure how the input appears in the report:

    1. In the Input Variable box, type a field name from the data set.

      This name must be unique so that it can be used to associate the report input with the data set.

    2. In the Display Name box, type the name of the input that will appear in the report.

    3. In the Input Variable Type list, select the type of input that you want users to enter, such as String, Boolean, or Date.

    4. In the Input Control Type list, select the type of input that you want users to see, such as a Drop Down list, Check Box, or Radio Button.

      For more information, see Input Controls for Build Your Own Reports.

    5. To hide the input from report end users, select Hide Input.

    6. To make the input optional or required for viewing the report data, select Optional or Required.

    7. Optional: In the Default Value box, type the input value that you want to display by default.

  5. To use fixed values that you will specify, select Manual.

    1. In the Possible Labels box, type display names for the values that you want the user to see.

    2. In the Possible Values box, type the values that correspond to the labels.

      This is the value that will be assigned to the data set parameter.

      These are also the value names that the user will see.

  6. To use dynamic values from a data set, select Data Set.

    1. In the Data Set list, select the data set you want to use for input values.

    2. In the Value Field list, select a field name from the data set.

      These are the value names that the user will see.

    3. In the Label Field list, select the field name that will be assigned to the Parameter that you will create when you associate the data set with the report input in the data set query.

    4. To configure the value field to display a value that varies based on another field in the data set, in the Depends On list, select a field.

    5. To sort the data based on values in a particular field, in the Sort by list, select a field.

    6. To configure the data to sort in ascending or descending order, from the Sort Direction list, select Asc or Desc.

  7. Click Done.

What To Do Next

 Associate the Report Input with the Data Set