Configuring Localization for Reports


You can configure the report to display text, such as report name and column titles, in various languages.  By default, the report appears in the language configured in the end user's browser and can be changed by the end user.

Before You Begin


  1. Open a report, and then click File > Edit.

  2. On the Report Builder page, on the Report tab, under Localization click View or Edit Localizable String.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Create a localization key:

    • In the Locale box, type a language code for the text that you want to localize.

      For example, type fr for French.

      You can also include a country code, for example, type fr-ca for Canadian French. For a list of language and country codes, see the Microsoft Developer Network page, Language Codes.

    • In the Key box, type a text key that will be associated with text in the report.

      For example, for the Backup Type column title, type bkup_type.

    • In the Value box, type the text in the language that you specified in the Locale box.

      For example, for the Backup Type column title, type Type de Sauvegarde.

    • Click Done.

  5. Select the text  that you want to localize.

  6. Under Properties, in the Display Name box, type =rpt.translate("Key").

    Where Key is the text that you typed in the Key box in the Localization dialog box.

    For example, type =rpt.translate("bkup_type").

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Deploy.

    When users view the report, the text appears in the language the user chooses.