You can view all the SharePoint Agent installed machines under SharePoint in the Web Console. Manage the following operations for each of your SharePoint Document backups from SharePoint:

  • Browse and download files

  • Preview the files to be restored

  • Refine search results

Understanding the SharePoint Page

For each computer listed, the following columns are provided:

Computers: Displays the name of the SharePoint machine.

Protected: When red, it indicates that the data in the client has not been backed for more than 14 days. When yellow, it indicates that the data has not been backed up in the past 7 days. When green, it indicates that recent backup operations have been performed on the computer.

Last Backup: Displays the date and time of the last backup performed for the client.

Next Backup: Indicates when the next backup operation will be performed. When no backup schedule is set, it displays Not Scheduled. If you are manually running backups or if there is a schedule to automatically run the backups at specific time intervals, it displays Automatic.

Size: Displays the size of the item in the list or document library.

Version: Displays the version number of the item.

Created By: Displays the system account which created the item in the list or document library.

Modified Time: Displays the date and time when the item was modified.