Viewing Mail Messages in Delegated Mailboxes in the Web Console


For information about configuring the ContentStore Email Viewer settings, see ContentStore Email Viewer (end-user documentation).

Before You Begin


  1. Log on to the Web Console.

  2. Click My Data.

  3. On the Mail tab, in the section where delegated mailboxes are listed, click the Mailboxes link for the delegated mailbox.

    Note: The Shared By Me and Shared With Me section lists searches that you have shared with other users or others have shared with you. They do not contain information about delegated mailboxes


  • Under the Delegated Mail section, the users to whom the mailbox or folder is delegated can see the mailbox or the folder, and information such as Display Name.

    The users cannot delegate or delete these folders or mailboxes. They can only preview, view, download, reply to, or forward the emails.

  • Under the Delegated by Me section, you can see information such as Delegate Name, Source, Path, and Date Delegated.