Recovering AIX File System Data


Recover the entire file system data to the same or different client in the event of a disaster.

Before You Begin

  • If using a different client computer, make sure the destination client is same as source client while performing a disaster recovery.

  • Install the AIX Operating System on the client computer that you want to restore. Make sure to install the Operating System exactly as it existed prior to a hardware or software corruption problem. Refer IBM documentation for more information.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | File System.

  2. Right-click the defaultBackupSet and then click All Tasks |Browse and Restore.

  3. In the Restore Options dialog box, click the Advanced Options tab.

  4. Select the Starting Path check box and enter the AIX file system path to the data you wish to restore. You can type "/" as the path to restore the entire content.

  5. Click View Content.

  6. Click Recover All Selected.

  7. Clear the Restore to same folder check box.

    In the Destination Client list, select the client. If you are mounting the new root file system at /mnt, type or accept "/mnt" as the restore destination in the Specify Destination Path box.

    Note: Do not select Unconditional Overwrite option.

    Restored data retains its original permissions. The ACLs are restored after the permissions are restored.

  8. Click Immediate from the Job Initiation tab.

  9. Click OK.

    You can monitor the progress of the restore job in the Job Controller window of the CommCell Console.

  10. Restart the client computer.