Recovering Macintosh File System Data on Mac OS X v10.7 or 10.8


Recover the entire file system data to the same or different client in the event of a disaster.

Before You Begin

Rebuild the Operating System


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | File System.

  2. Right-click the defaultBackupSet and then click All Tasks |Browse and Restore.

  3. In the Restore Options dialog box, click the AdvancedOptions tab.

  4. Select the Starting Path check box and type "/" as the path to restore the entire content.

  5. Click ViewContent.

  6. Click Recover All Selected.

  7. Clear the Restore to same folder check box.

  8. Click Unconditional Overwrite in the Overwrite Files area.

  9. In the Destination Client list, select the client name.

  10. Click Browse and set the restore directory to /Volumes/HD.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Click Immediate from the Job Initiation tab.

  13. Click OK.

    You can monitor the progress of the restore job in the Job Controller window of the CommCell Console.

What To Do Next

  1. After the restore completes, open a Terminal window and from the command line as root and make the newly restored root bootable using the bless command.

    bless -folder "/Volumes/HD/System/Library/CoreServices" -bootefi
  2. Go to System Preferences and select Startup Disk in the System area.

  3. Select the restore disk. For example Macintosh HD

  4. Restart the computer.

    The system boots to the newly restored root. The mini_root partition should now be mounted as a secondary disk.

  5. Remove the mini_root partition and resize the Macintosh HD partition to use the entire disk.

    1. Navigate to Finder | Applications | Utilities, and run Disk Utility.

    2. Select the primary disk and then click the Partition tab.

    3. Select the mini_root partition by clicking on the mini_root box in the Partition Layout pane, and then click -.

    4. Click Remove on the confirmation dialog.

    5. Resize the Macintosh HD partition to utilize the full disk.

    6. Click Apply. This might take some time to complete.