Rebuilding the Original NAS File Server


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In the event of a disaster, rebuild the original NAS file server to recover the NAS data.


  1. If your NAS file server was connected to a tape drive or library, ensure that your tape drive or library has the same settings as the original. If it does not, do the following:

    1. On the CommCell Console ribbon, click Control Panel.

    2. Double click Library & Drive.

    3. Right-click the appropriate tape drive (or library).

    4. Select the correct drive type and type the correct access path.

    5. Click OK.

  2. Load the same version of the operating system to your NAS file server. Ensure the configuration settings are the same as the original file server. For information on supported versions, see System Requirements.

  3. Check the hardware documentation for step-by-step instructions on setting up your vendor's file server.

  4. If you want to reconfigure the file server with the same host name, change the login and password as follows:

    1. From the CommCell Console, go to client > NDMP.

    2. Right-click the NDMP agent and select Properties.

    3. Click NDMP Properties.

    4. Enter the user account in the NDMP Login field.

      • For NetApp, type root.

      • For EMC Celerra, type ndmp.

      • For all other file servers, use any value.

    5. Select Change Password.

    6. In the NDMP Password field, enter the password for the user account.

    7. Click Detect to automatically configure a library and drives attached to the NAS file server.

    8. Click OK.