Recovering the Microsoft Exchange Database


In the event of a disaster, you can recover the Microsoft Exchange Database to a new client.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that the destination client is same as source client while performing a disaster recovery.

  • Ensure that you have performed a Disaster Recovery of the computer using the Windows File System Agent prior to restoring the Exchange databases. Refer to Full System Recovery: Windows File System for detailed information.

  • Make sure to install the Exchange database application in the destination client and create an empty database in the same directory structure as existing in the source client.

  • Before restoring the backed up data ensure that the Storage Group \ Database name does not contain "+" in it.


  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | Exchange Database.

  2. Right-click the Agent and then click All Tasks |Browse and Restore.

  3. Click View Content.

  4. Select the database in the left pane. The data and logs will be selected in the right pane.

  5. Click Recover All Selected.

  6. Select the name of the client computer from the Destination Client list.

    This client should not be the same client on which the database originally resided.

  7. Click ... under Destination DB/Out of PlaceLocation column.

  8. Select a folder on the destination client.

  9. Select Immediate from the Job Initiation tab and click OK.