Full System Recovery of Notes Database: Restoring the IBM Domino Application


After rebuilding the operating system, restore each IBM Domino partitions separately.

Before You Begin

  • Complete the following task:

  • IBM Domino recovery requires a clean Notes API environment to complete successfully. Reboot the IBM Domino computer to ensure that there is a clean environment.

  • Do not start the IBM Domino application.

  • Do not start any other applications that use the Notes API (e.g., the Notes Document Agent, Notes Peek).

  • Do not use any features of the Notes Database Agent other than restore until this procedure is complete.

  • Disable any software currently running on the server that may attempt to access the Notes databases such as Virus Scan at the time of recovery.


The following steps must be performed separately for each IBM Domino partition that you want to restore.

  1. Restore notes.ini file from the backup.

  2. Add the following line to the notes.ini file of the partition that you want to restore:



    This parameter will ask IBM Domino recovery process to regenerate Transaction Logs from the latest backup.

    • The IBM Notes software has its own notes.ini file, as does each IBM Domino partition. There may be multiple notes.ini files on the computer to which you are restoring. Make sure that you are modifying the notes.ini file of the partition that you want to restore.

    • If you add this line at the end of the notes.ini file, be sure to add a new line (that is, press Enter) after this line. Note that the value of this parameter is reset to 0 automatically after the disaster recovery process completes. It is not necessary to delete this from the .ini file.

  3. Make sure that the transaction log directory is clean. (You can find the path to the log directory by verifying the TRANSLOG_Path parameter in the partition's notes.ini file. If this is a relative path, it must be appended to the path listed in the Directory parameter.) Delete any remaining log files and the log control file.

  4. Delete the TR logs directory. IBM Domino stores the TR log related information in the following file:


    You have to remove this file before starting the disaster recovery restore. The disaster recovery process creates a new log directory.

  5. After the Domino server is up, restore all the databases.