Full System Recovery of Informix Database: Rebuilding the Operating System


In the case of disaster recovery, where a full system restore is required, you must first rebuild the system to exactly the state as it existed before the problem

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes the following:

  • Latest file system, Informix backups, ixbar file, and ONCONFIG file are available.

  • File system backup does not include the Informix databases. (This is done by filtering the entire dbspace directory.)


  1. Rebuild the hardware if needed.

  2. Install the same version of the operating system with the same patches that were previously installed.

  3. Install the File System Agent on the client.

  4. Perform a full system restore of the File System Agent. In addition to restoring to your operating system, this operation will restore the Informix application files and all of the Agent software.

  5. Reboot the machine.

    Note: If there are any problems with the Informix Agent software, we recommend that you un-install and re-install the software in the same drive where it was previously installed. Use the same installation parameters, passwords, and backup type settings as were previously used.