Full System Recovery of an Oracle RAC Database: Rebuilding the Operating System


In the case where a full system restore is required, you must first rebuild the system to the exact state as it existed before the problem.


  1. If needed, rebuild the hardware.

  2. Install the same version of the operating system with the same patches that were previously installed.

  3. Edit the host file of the client to include the CommServe name.

  4. Install the File System Agent on the client.

  5. Perform a full system restore of the File System Agent. This restores the Oracle application to the <oracle install> directory. Restore the grid infrastructure under the <grid install> directory by using the File System Agent. If there are any problems with the Oracle Agent, we recommend that you un-install and the re-install the software on the same drive where it was previously installed. Use the same installation parameters, passwords, and backup type settings as were previously used. This operation restores the Oracle application files and the Oracle Agent.

  6. Reboot the computer.

  7. Manually copy the init<SID>.ora file on to the computer you are rebuilding. This is not needed when you have used SP file for the backup.

What to Do Next

Create the directories on the target for disaster recovery and cross-machine restores.